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Fluid flow meter

A fluid flow meter is provided and comprises a tubular and cylindrical housing constructed of a transparent material and having an upper axial end, a lower axial end and defining an interior fluid chamber therebetween. A fluid inlet is fluidly connected to the lower end of the chamber while a fluid outlet is fluidly connected to the upper end of the chamber. At least one and preferably several flow responsive members are disposed and freely moveable within the interior of the fluid chamber. The members have a density greater than the density of the fluid flowing through the flow meter but are vertically displaceable within the interior chamber in an amount proportional to the fluid flow rate through the flow meter. The density and surface area of the members can be varied as desired in order to provide for different flow rates and flow ranges. In addition, in the preferred form of the invention, a magnetically operated switch is adjustably connected to the housing and is actuated by the presence of a flow responsive member at a predetermined vertical level within the fluid chamber and is thus representative of a predetermined flow rate.

Flow meter

This invention relates to a flow meter of a fluidistor oscillator type, which has its principal use when measuring the ventilation of a moving human being or animal. Thanks to the special design of the flow meter it can be made small, light and portable at the same time as the pressure drop in it is minimal.

Electrodes for an electromagnetic flow meter

Electrodes for an electromagnetic flow meter are mounted through a pipe wall using pairs of concentric electrodes electrically insulated from each other and from the mounting pipeline while electrically contacting a fluid in the pipeline being measured for flow rate. The electrode pairs are held on the pipeline wall on a line intersecting the fluid flow at a right angle and are electrically connected to supply signals induced by the fluid flow to a measuring circuit. The concentric electrode structure provides two electrode pairs at each electrode site on the pipeline wall.

Flow meter

A flow-meter having a sliding lamina interposed between two chambers and movable to vary the flow therethrough in response to deviations in the pressure difference between the chambers to maintain a constant preset pressure difference for accurate measurement of instantaneous flow rates over a wide range. A cam surface relates linear variation in flow rates to non-linear variation in the area of the opening for fluid passage.

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