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Heater device for desiccant rotor dehumidifier
Desiccant bag with integrated filter and method of making same
Desiccant device and humidity measuring means
Process for the regeneration of a desiccant
Regenerative desiccant bundle
Desiccant dehumidification system
Desiccant structures for OLED displays
Cover for metal office furniture
Filing frame device for office furniture filing drawers
Method of constructing universal adjustable bed
Adjustable bed with improved castor control assembly
Wood floor refinishing process and product
Wood floor structure
Magnetic-inductive flow meter with a measuring tube made of plastic
Surgical gloves and surface treatment of surgical gloves for avoiding starch peritonitis and the like
Device for inserting a surgical suture needle into an endoscopic suture apparatus
Hollow suture needle with handle
Surgical blade package
Multiple hole spinal needle
Spinal needle system
Exit sign with rotatable lighting heads
Conference table with central utility system
Blood lancet system for blood withdrawal for diagnostic purposes
Diamond blade having rim type cutting tip for use in grinding or cutting apparatus
Low shrinkage tape joint composition containing attapulgite
Paw cleaning louvered ramp for cat litter box
Non-clogging cat litter sifting device
Cat litter device
Method and apparatus for recycling sewage sludge utilizing spent water-softener lime
Washing appliance water softener
Water filter having a filter use time indicator
Water filter with strainer scraping means
Orally operable water filter
Hinge down refrigerator water filter
Water dispenser for quilting
Boiling water dispenser having improved water temperature control system
Water dispenser and filter cartridge for use therein
Auto-disable safety syringe
Universal safety syringe
Safety syringe with retracting needle
Safety syringe having a needle to be retracted and canted within a protective sleeve
Retractable safety syringe with push rod in plunger
Method and device for axis control for machine tools and the like
Multiple operator station for machine tools
Pallet with adjustable anchorage system for equipping the clamping fixture of a rough piece to be machined with machine tools
Set of parts for building small machine tools
Position transducer for machine tools and measuring machines
Safety apparatus in connection with work loading device to safe guard machine tools operation
Strap assembly for lingerie and brassieres
Garment fastener especially for swimwear and lingerie
Invertible center feed disk for a vertical shaft impact crusher
Copper crusher gauge holder
Mobile crusher and crusher control method
Method for controlling a gyratory crusher
Can crusher including a ripper tooth
Crusher with rotating crusher bodies
Vertical shaft impact crusher with split tub
Mass (inductive) reactance vibratory mill or crusher employing mechanical drive force
Method and an apparatus for controlling a crusher
Can and bottle crusher
Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar
Jaw-type rock crusher with toggle plate tension bar
Retrievable downhole flow meter
Capacitative electromagnetic flow meter
Ultrasonic flow meter with reduced noise
Coriolis mass flow meter having a thick-walled measuring tube
Detector for an ultrasonic flow meter
Karman vortex flow meter
Coriolis mass flow meter employing non-metallic flow conduit structure
Fluidic volumetric fluid flow meter
Electromagnetic flow meter
Fluid flow meter utilizing pressure sensing
Air flow meter
Fluid flow meter
Liquid flow meter construction
Positive displacement flow meter method and apparatus
Packaging for surgical suture material
Packaging for surgical suture material
System with a surgical needle and a handle
Combined surgical needle-braided suture device
Grindless surgical needle manufacture
Urine bag cleaning machine
Urine bag for a male human
Universal passive protector for an IV catheter
IV catheter introducer with retractable needle
Self-sheathing dental needle
Centrifuge comprising a blood bag system with an upper and lower outlet
Blood bag system and method of inactivating pathogenic microorganisms
Process for regenerating spent bleaching earth
Process for forming powder-free medical gloves
Comfort ring for patient medical mask
Surgical gloves and surface treatment of surgical gloves for avoiding starch peritonitis and the like
Automatic valve assembly for a water cooler reservoir
Method and apparatus for operating a water cooler
Portable ultraviolet water purifier
Diverter and water purifier having same
Remote control valve for reverse osmosis water purifier
Syringe pump infusion control set
Syringe pump, and liquid feeding method
Non-mechanical syringe and needle assembly needle guard
Portable hand tool for holding a needle cap while inserting a syringe needle into the cap
Medical syringe with braked step-advance plunger
Disposable syringe with a retractable needle
Disposable syringe device auxiliary unit for preventing iatrogenic infection through needle
Coriolis mass flow meter employing non-metallic flow conduit structure
Processing whole crayfish to simulate finger lobster serving
Lobster packing box system
Wood pulverizer with improved hammers and anvils
Removable twisting measuring device for various hand tools
Safety tether for hand tools
Wedding Dress Design Kit
Bra for postpartum non nursing mothers
Hands-free breast pump supporting bra and system
Bra cups having wave-shaped edge
Bikini TM blade apparatus and methods
Glypican-1 in human breast cancer
Compositions and methods for therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Mammaglobin, a mammary-specific breast cancer protein
Method of diagnosing breast cancer and compositions therefor
Use of anastrozole for the treatment of post-menopausal women having early breast cancer
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Treatment of breast cancer
Apparatus and method for breast cancer imaging
Heat conductive tubular electric heater
Base for an electric heater and method of manufacture
Structure of electric heater
Identification of electric heater capacity

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