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Medical Syringe Patent

Medical syringe

A medical syringe 2 includes a cylindrical syringe body 3 and a plunger 4 fitted in the syringe body 3 for injecting a liquid agent filled in the syringe body 3 from the syringe body 3 into the vascular system of the human body by advancing the plunger 4 relative to the syringe body 3. The plunger 4 comprising a plunger body 5 and an elastic cover 9 fitted over the plunger body 5 from the front. The plunger body 5 is provided with a backplate 62 at a rear end thereof, the backplate 62 having an annular groove 68 forwardly opened and formed in a front surface outer peripheral portion thereof. The portion of the elastic cover 9 to be rearwardly stretched by the advance of the plunger 4 is allowed to ingress into the annular groove 68 for escape.

Medical syringe with braked step-advance plunger

A medical syringe has a tubular body extending along an axis and having a front end and a rear end, a plunger axially slidable in the body and carrying a stem projecting axially rearward out of the body from the plunger, and a free piston slidable in the body forward of the plunger and subdividing the body forward of the plunger into a front compartment at the front body end and a rear compartment between the plunger and the piston. The body is formed with a bypass passage forward of the piston in a starting position so the front compartment can hold a soluble medicament and the rear compartment can hold its solvent. Structure at the rear body end forms a radially inwardly open angularly limited cutout and at least two axially spaced, angularly offset, and radially outwardly projecting stop bumps on the stem are axially displaceable through the cutout in respective angularly offset positions of the stem. The stop bumps are axially engageable against the structure except when the stem is in the respective angular position. An elastically deformable brake element engaged between the body and the stem for axially slowing axial forward advance of the stem.

Medical syringe container

Telescoping leakproof two-piece medical syringe container. An upper tubular member or "cap" closed at its top end is wide enough along its vertical extent and downward to surround a syringe plunger, and also extends laterally from near its open lower end outward and downward to that end, so as to surround a finger grip of a syringe. A lower tubular member or "body" closed at its bottom end is wide enough along its vertical extent and upward to surround a syringe barrel with optional attached needle, and also extends laterally, from near its open upper end outward and upward to that end, so as to surround the syringe finger grip. The cap member and the body member telescope snugly together, and are retained against accidental opening by one or more detents on the open end of one of the tubular members overlapping the end of the other tubular member. At least one open end is tapered relative to the other open end to ensure that a leakproof container results when telescoped together.

Medical syringe

The invention concerns a medical syringe comprising a tubular body, in which slides a plunger comprising an opening, the plunger comprising a sealing piece, movable in the plunger and which closes the opening of the syringe before it is used. The assembly is arranged such that, after the syringe has been used, the sealing piece no longer closes the opening permanently, so that the syringe cannot be used again. All the parts of the syringe are designed for being produced by moulding and automatically mounted in series by axial jointing.

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