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Labor efficient safety syringe

A safety syringe has a barrel, a needle hub movably received in the barrel and having a hollow cone formed inside the needle hub and an annular cutout, a stopper having an engaging portion formed to correspond to the annular cutout and an extension integrally formed with the engaging portion and being slanted relative to the engaging portion, and a plunger having a first hook to correspond to the hollow cone and a second hook to correspond to the extension of the stopper. Engagement between the second hook and the extension of the stopper allows the stopper to be taken away from engagement with the needle hub and engagement between the first hook and the hollow cone allows the needle hub to be pulled inside the barrel and thus the syringe is able to be disposed of safely.

Safety syringe cylinder

A safety syringe cylinder has a structure for attaching a syringe needle precisely. The syringe needle can be retracted into the syringe cylinder for bending. A hook seat is formed at a lower end of the needle. An annular hook groove is formed at a top end of the push rod cap. The hook seat is engaged with the annular hook groove so as to control the displacement and bending process of the syringe needle. Thereby, the processing of undesired syringe needle is safe, reliable and convenient.

Retractable safety syringe cylinder

A retractable safety syringe cylinder has a structure which precisely hooks the syringe needle for retracting the syringe in the syringe cylinder for bending A hole seat at a lower end of the syringe needle is matched to a hook body at a top surface of a rod cap of a push rod. After pushing injection liquid, the two are engaged so as to control the displacement of the syringe needle. Thus, the waste from the syringe is controllable and the operation is convenient.

Disposable safety syringe

A safety syringe 10 includes a generally tubular body 14 having a needle end 18 and plunger end 22 needle 38 and retractable needle seat 30 two-way valve 36 plunger 42 stopper 62 and rear plunger seal 44. The plunger may be selectively engageable with both the stopper and the retractable needle seat. During use, the plunger may be moved to capture the stopper. The user then moves the plunger and the captured stopper toward the needle end to a displaced position corresponding to the desired volume of fluid to be withdrawn. A vacuum is created between the stopper and rear plunger seal, and helps to draw fluid into the tubular body. At the conclusion of the patient injection stroke, the plunger engages the needle seat, and the vacuum between the stopper and rear plunger seal retracts the needle safely into the tubular body. The two-way valve controls flow into and out of the body during use.

Auto-disable safety syringe
Universal safety syringe
Safety syringe with retracting needle
Safety syringe having a needle to be retracted and canted within a protective sleeve
Retractable safety syringe with push rod in plunger

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