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Hollow suture needle with handle

A suture needle instrument having improved connection means enabling a hollow suture needled to be attached to a handle in a variety of orientations. The suture needle is provided with user accessible suture channels and suture advancing wheels to facilitate cleaning and repair.

Endoscopic suturing assembly and associated methodology using a temperature biased suture needle

An endoscopic suture needle and related surgical endoscopic suturing devices are to be used in conjunction with an endoscope. The invention relates to suturing of internal body tissue as part of a surgical procedure which may be diagnostic, therapeutic or both. In accordance with the present invention, there is provided an endoscopic surgery system comprising a temperature biased suture needle, a needle grasping device, and an elongated catheter or other delivery tube, a endoscopic surgery system configured for use in conjunction with a flexible or rigid endoscope insertion member.

Laparoscopic retractable dissector and suture and needle passer

Described herein is a device that may be used in various applications, such as medical applications, and, particularly in laparoscopic procedures, to manipulate and/or introduce objects within or into the body. In one embodiment of the invention, a device includes a cannula with a handle that remains exterior to the body and an extendable member on a portion of the device that may be inserted into the body. The handle, which controls the extendable member, may be moved in an axial direction to extend or retract the extendable member from the interior of the cannula. It may also be rotated to swivel the extendable member. Furthermore, the extendable member may include at least one hole that may be used to, for example, grasp a surgical suture or suture needle. Thus, the device may be used to introduce such objects into the body and manipulate them therein.

Fluid emitting suture needle

The invention provides a multifunctional suture needle that may be used to draw a suture through tissue surrounding a wound while simultaneously delivering a bioactive fluid through the needle tip. The suture needle possesses an internal cavity capable of containing a fluid, and a fine aperture adjacent to the point of the needle through which the fluid may egress. The fluid may be driven from the needle through the needle tip with a compressed gas that is sealed within the cavity adjacent to the fluid. Alternatively a fluid conducting suture may be employed to deliver fluid through the internal passage of the suture needle and out the aperture adjacent to the tip of the needle. The rate at which the fluid is emitted from the suture needle may be controlled by carefully selecting the fluid viscosity, design of the needle or suture passages, and pressure applied to the fluid.

Device for inserting a surgical suture needle into an endoscopic suture apparatus
Hollow suture needle with handle

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